Established in 1993, Fantasy Sports Alliance’s mission is to produce high-quality, affordable online entertainment focused on dedicated fantasy sports players. We will exceed our members’ expectations by delivering the unparalleled personal feeling that you are in charge of your own sports organization. Becoming a member of Fantasy Sports Alliance will grant you your own team logo and team uniform designed to your standards by our talented graphic artists. As a member, you will have the opportunity to play for a Regional and National Championship. With a membership purchase, you will receive preseason FSA membership gifts.




Want to be a GM of Your Own Team?

Your membership will give you complete control of your own team. Draft, trade, add and drop players like a real GM. You will have complete control of your team's logo and uniform appearance. Our talented design team will work with you until you have the exact look and feel you want for your fantasy team.

Become a Member of FSA!

siteheaderlogoBy purchasing a membership, you will earn a unique logo and uniform that will represent your team for a season or seasons to come. You will have the ability to purchase merchandise that brand and advertise your unique logo. In addition, you will earn 10% off FSA merchandise.

Looking for Tougher Fantasy Competition?

A membership league means you will play against other serious members. Gone are the days of GMs who sign up for a free league and then do not compete. This rids the league of easy wins. You will work for and earn every win. The size of the league grows every year, and so does the level of competition.

Become a Member of FSA!

siteheaderlogoBy purchasing a membership, you join the growing number of Alliance members who represent the approximately 33 million people who play fantasy football every year. When you are awarded an end of season trophy, you will know you earned it against the country’s best competition.

Want to be a Regional or National Champion?

You will be placed in a Region based on the location of your purchased membership and will play against other members in your Region. You will have the ability to win a Regional Championship and will also be ranked against other members around the country for the chance at a National Championship.

Become a Member of FSA!


By purchasing a membership, you will be placed in one of 12 Regions across the country based on your location at purchase time. This will give you the chance to play other members who live close to you, allowing for live drafts, in-season socials and the chance at a National Championship.

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