What are the different types of memberships?
Rookie Redraft
Legacy Redraft
Legacy Redraft Rebrand
Arm & Leg League
What's the cost of a membership?
Cost depends on the type of league you participate in and your status as a player (whether you're a rookie or legacy member).

Rookie Redraft - $65
Legacy Redraft - $50
Legacy Redraft Rebrand - $60
Dynasty - $100
Arm & Leg League - $10
How are memberships and payment processed?
Our membership forms are hosted by Jot Forms. Once a new member fills out the form and submits for payment, the processing is done through PayPal via Jot Forms.
Can I purchase an FSA membership by check or money order?
Yes. Please email the Commissioner, Brian Buschor, at brian.b@fsa-fr.com and he will help you with the process.
What makes FSA different from other fantasy leagues?
Our mission is to produce high-quality, affordable, online entertainment focused on dedicated fantasy sport players. We will exceed our members' expectations by delivering the unparalleled personal feeling you are in charge of your own sports organization. We will create custom logos and online store for your team so you can purchase gear with your logo on it.
What are the FSA Regions?
The Regions were created after more than a year of research. The idea of the Region is to have fantasy sport players compete against each other that live in proximity of each other. This will also allow for preseason, in-season, and postseason gatherings without our members traveling far if they choose to participate.
What website does FSA use to run its leagues?
My Fantasy League – www.myfantasyleague.com
What is FSA’s scoring system?
The scoring system is unique to each league. Mouse over the FANTASY link in the navigation bar and choose a league type. From there, click on the RULES link.
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